Nils Lofgren to Release Live Album in August

E Street Band member Nils Lofgren is giving fans live music in August with the release of the two-CD set, Weathered, on Aug. 21.

The collection–16 tracks in all–were all recorded during his 2019 solo tour supporting his record, Blue With Lou. Lofgren’s wife, Amy, co-produced the record.

Lofgren was backed by former Grin band mate, guitarist Tom Lofgren, as well as three musicians who contributed to Blue with Lou — drummer Andy Newmark, bassist Kevin McCormick, and one-time E Street Band backing vocalist Cindy Mizelle.

Songs from the tour included cuts from the Blue With Lou album, as well as a tune from his old group, Grin — “Like Rain.” The album also includes a performance of the Temptations classic “Papa Was a Rolling Stone” that served as a lead-in to Lofgren’s 1977 tune “I Came to Dance.” His brothers, Mike and Mark, also make an appearance on the Hank Williams track, “Mind Your Own Business.”

Says Lofgren of the jams included on the record: ” “Regularly hearing inspired, improvisational surprises from your fellow bandmates elevated our interaction and made for one of a kind, unique shows every night.”

To pre-order and get an instant download of “Attitude City”, click HERE.

Nils Lofgren: “Too Many Miles’ (YouTube)

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