Bon Jovi Album Gets New Release Date

After a delay due to the coronavirus, the new Bon Jovi album will finally be released in the fall.

Bon Jovi: 2020 is now set for releases on Oct. 2, the band announced today. The record is now available for pre-order now, and you can download a new single, “Do What You Can,” right now.

“Do What You Can” was a last-minute addition to 2020, as was “American Reckoning,” which was inspired by the death of George Floyd and the social justice protests that swept the nation.
Bon Jovi: Vevo

“I am a witness to history,” says JonBon Jovi. “I believe the greatest gift of an artist is the ability to use their voice to speak to issues that move us.”

Here is the new tracklist for the album:

Here’s the 2020 track listing:
“Do What You Can”
“American Reckoning”
“Beautiful Drug”
“Story of Love”
“Let It Rain”
“Lower the Flag”
“Blood in the Water”
“Brothers in Arms”

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