PSA Policy

Public Service Announcement (PSA) requests submitted to Press Communications LLC must meet the following criteria:

  • PSA requests will only be accepted from charitable, non-profit groups which are registered with the federal government as IRC 501(c) organizations. As such, any group requesting PSA’s may be asked to provide the following PRIOR to airing your announcements on a Press Communications, LLC radio station:
    • Agency’s tax-exempt tax identification number
    • Brief description of what services the organization provides to the community
    • How long has the organization been in existence
    • How the organization is funded
    • Description of the operations within NJ
  • Announcements for fund-raisers at commercial establishments will not be acceptable, even if a portion of the funds are donated to charity.
  • Announcements from churches or for church-sponsored organizations or events should promote the well-being of the entire community and be open to the general public.
  • Requested PSA content must be of direct relevance to listeners within Press Communications’ primary broadcast area of Monmouth & Ocean Counties, NJ.
  • PSA’s may not be used for general branding of requesting charitable organization. They must promote a specific call to action from the listener for a community service, an upcoming activity, or scheduled non-profit charitable event.
  • If promoting an event, 100% of the profits from all product and/or ticket sales MUST be donated to the requesting charitable organization.
  • No partnering with commercial businesses may be included in PSA’s.
  • All PSA’s must support the general well-being of the community.

Please email your PSA request to  Press Communications, LLC will review all such requests.