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They live together. They have kids together. They play classic rock together. You get to listen to it! Catch "He Said She Said" at 7:50am, #MomConfessions at 7:20am and 9:20am, Celebrity Hotline  with A list stars and much more!

National Wine Day! Real celebrity names, Thirsty Thursday Tipsy or Toddler, + What TV show can be identified with a single quote?
Pre-Coffee Thoughts, Mystery Oldie, Slot Car Racing, Interview with Mark Montenero from Autoland, Who would you pay 100K to hang out with for a day?
Gay Bar or Steak House, Food File, Elon Musk Silly Song + What’s the most useless thing you still have memorized?
Dead Guy in the Envelope, Best Man Cal Calls in, Slow service at the restaurant + Name TV or Movie villain you’re not supposed to like, but do.
Finally Friday Fun Facts, Dumb Crook News, Tongue Twisters, Horseshoe Crab Invasion, + What’s your nickname for your Ex?