Robby & Rochelle In The Morning


Don't miss Robby & Rochelle in the morning, it's the Boss BIG SHOW starting at 6am with local news from Valerie Segraves, the sports page with Kermit, Joe Nolan's traffic and Nor'easter Nick's latest forecast.

They live together. They have kids together. They play classic rock together. You get to listen to it! Catch "He Said She Said" at 7:50am, #MomConfessions at 7:20am and 9:20am, the Fast Five, the Celebrity Hotline with A list stars and much more! Text connect at 732-774-4444 or follow on all socials @robbyandrochelleradio

What is that on Republican’s heads?! Rochelle likes smutty Audible books, Dumb Crook News, the Friday Freakout, Fun Facts, celebs who are in facto “Nepo” + what’s one phrase you…
Kermit was drunk dialing, the Emmy nominations are in, Super Match, + What’s the weirdest thing you have memorized?
Pre-Coffee Thoughts, Senior Dog Sitting, Mystery Oldie of the Day, Was that a Meteor? + What happened to the person who took your virginity?
Animal Stories, Backwards Track, Etsy won’t sell sex toys, Cracker Barrel wants to be more like Panera?! JD Vance song, what’s something that happened back in school your still angry…
Back to Business Monday, What is happening to our country?! Dead guy in the envelope, It was so hot out!!! + What is a simple pleasure in life that never…