Kevin Smith Launches New Podcasting Theatre in Atlantic Highlands

Clerks director Kevin Smith is returning to his Quick Stop Groceries roots in New Jersey with the grand opening of his newest venture-SModcastle, a podcasting theatre located in Leonardo just a few feet from where the now iconic convenience store is located.

“The most creative period of my life was formed by Quick Stop on the other end of the building,” The Red Bank born, Highlands raised filmaker tells Yahoo News.

Clerks star Brian O’Halloran–known for his role as Dante Hicks–was on hand for the grand opening, which happened over the weekend.

“I’m 50. I’m heading into the second half of my life. The final quarter, let’s be honest. So I’m curious to see what happens next,” says Smith, whose animated He-Man reboot Masters of the Universe comes to Netflix later this month. What creatively can happen next? Because I’m supposed to be winding down. If you asked a lot of critics, they’re like, ‘He wound down in ’95.’ But I’m still making stuff and I’m still interested in making stuff.”

Smith added he come back to Jersey at least once a month to record his own SModcast, but other podcasts will be taped with live audiences at the venue on a weekly basis.

The SModcastle is located at 64 Leonard Avenue, Leonardo.

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