Arby’s Celebrates National French Fry Day with New Mobile App

It’s National French Fry Day, and Arby’s is celebrating by launching a mobile app that identifies what type of french fry you’re eating.

Using an advanced algorithm and AI technology, the ‘Field Guide to Fries’ app allows users to snap photos of their fries and determines if the image is a Curly, Crinkle or Common Fry – or not a fry at all.

Inspired by elements of modern birdwatching apps that identify birds in the wild, Arby’s app detects what type of fry is on your radar, along with a humorously scientific ‘Fry Taxonomy’ description – from the Curlius Frysius (Curly Fry) to the Crinklus Potaticus (Crinkle Fry). Arbys is known for the Curly Fry, and recently added Crinkle Fries as a permanent menu item – with accordion-style grooves for maximum crispiness, lightly seasoned with fine kosher salt.

 To download the apfor a limited time, consumers can pair their fries with 50% off a sandwich by signing up for Arby’s emails HERE.

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