Bryan Adams Is Responsible for Your Make Out Sessions

In a recent interview Bryan Adams was asked how he would like to be remembered–as a musician or a photographer.

His response was–he doesn’t care.

 “I could [sic] care less if I’m remembered or not,” Adams responded to “In fact, if I woke up tomorrow and there was no trace of me on the internet, I’d be thrilled.”

However, there is ONE thing he is proud of.

“I once did an interview with a Brazilian journalist who asked me if I knew how many kisses my songs were responsible for. I had never thought about that before,” Bryan mused. “He calculated that it would be in the billions. I really liked that. Imagine being responsible for a billion kisses! That would be okay with me, because without love we are nothing.”

He added: “So to be able to bring a little love into this world — that means everything to me.”

Adams has a new record coming out on March 11, titled So Happy It Hurts.

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