Robby & Rochelle In The Morning


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They live together. They have kids together. They play classic rock together. You get to listen to it! Catch "He Said She Said" at 7:50am, #MomConfessions at 7:20am and 9:20am, Celebrity Hotline  with A list stars and much more!

Animal Stories, Robby went to a wine and cheese party, + What is your best travel tip that others might not know?
Finally, Friday, Dumb Crook News, What’s something you learned embarrassingly late in life?
Thirsty Thursday Tipsy or Toddler, They both said the wrong name + What TV or Movie car would you love to own?
Real or Fake Headlines: Florida Edition, Rochelle showed up to work in a dino suit, + What is a non-negotiable rule in your house?
100 Things to make life better, Tasty Tuesday Food File, Who would make the WORST James Bond?