Where Do New Jerseyans Go for International Travel?

School is out! It’s the first day of summer, and time to hit the beach!

But for most New Jerseyans, the beach that is calling is not necessarily local. Where, you ask? According to a new study–it’s better in the Bahamas.

A look at Google Trends studying international travel determined where residents in each state like to go on vacation, and apparently for most of us, it’s time to get cruising to the white sands of Nassau or other hot spots.

The Bahamas are also a top destination for folks living in North Dakota, South Dakota,  Nebraska, Maine, Vermont, and Utah.

The most popular destination–however–is Mexico, with New Mexico, Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Wyoming, Oregon, Montana, Oklahoma, and West Virginia heading South of the Border.

These statistics are interesting, as Californians, Texans, Ohioans, and Virginians plan to spend their vacation in Germany , while Italy is the main draw for people in New York, Minnesota, Illinois, Kentucky, and South Carolina.

The states showing the most curiosity in going across the pond to the United Kingdom this summer are Massachusetts, North Carolina, and Washington.  Arizona, Wisconsin, and Colorado are all heading to Spain. Could some of these people be researching those destinations for next summer for a certain musician’s 2023 tour in Europe (looking at you Spring-Nuts!).

Here are the results below:


  1. Alabama: Dominican Republic
  2. Alaska: Mexico
  3. Arizona: Spain
  4. Arkansas: Jamaica
  5. California: Germany
  6. Colorado: Spain
  7. Connecticut: Canada
  8. Delaware: Jamaica
  9. Florida: Canada
  10. Georgia: Aruba
  11. Hawaii: Mexico
  12. Idaho: Mexico
  13. Illinois: Italy
  14. Indiana: Aruba
  15. Iowa: Dominican Republic
  16. Kansas: Jamaica
  17. Kentucky: Italy
  18. Louisiana: Dominican Republic
  19. Maine: The Bahamas
  20. Maryland: Jamaica
  21. Massachusetts: United Kingdom (UK)
  22. Michigan: Aruba
  23. Minnesota: Italy
  24. Mississippi: Jamaica
  25. Missouri: Dominican Republic
  26. Montana: Mexico
  27. Nebraska: The Bahamas
  28. Nevada: Canada
  29. New Hampshire: Jamaica
  30. New Jersey: The Bahamas
  31. New Mexico: Mexico
  32. New York: Italy
  33. North Carolina: United Kingdom (UK)
  34. North Dakota: The Bahamas
  35. Ohio: Germany
  36. Oklahoma: Mexico
  37. Oregon: Mexico
  38. Pennsylvania: Canada
  39. Rhode Island: Aruba
  40. South Carolina: Italy
  41. South Dakota: The Bahamas
  42. Tennessee: Canada
  43. Texas: Germany
  44. Utah: The Bahamas
  45. Vermont: The Bahamas
  46. Virginia: Germany
  47. Washington: United Kingdom (UK)
  48. West Virginia: Mexico
  49. Wisconsin: Spain
  50. Wyoming: Mexico

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