Tommy Shaw Celebrates 43rd Anniversary of “The Grand Illusion” With Quarantine Video (Watch)

It’s the 43rd Anniversary of the Styx album, “The Grand Illusion,” and guitarist Tommy Shaw is celebrating with the release of a quarantine version of the song, “Fooling Yourself, assisted by the Cleveland’s Contemporary Youth Orchestra and Styx tour director Liza Grossman.

The new arrangement–which features 90 musicians and singers–began in April, with Shaw recording his part on an iPhone, according to Grossman.

The students individual performance were stitched ttogether by Los Angeles-based producer Michael Bradford. Adam Smalley at Cleveland’s AJ Video created the visual clip.

“I started pester Tommy about a collaboration as soon as the pandemic hit and we were shut down,”  she said. “I thought this would be kind of a cool thing for my students to do since we couldn’t meet in person. (Shaw) is always down for something new and something exciting, which I appreciate about him. For a musician who’s done what he does for as long as he has, I really appreciate that he’s still open to all these new ideas.”

Watch Below:

Tommy Shaw: “Fooling Yourself” (YouTube)

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