This Dessert from the 1930s’ is New Jerseys Top Choice

If you think the most popular dessert in New Jersey is ice cream, guess again.

In a new survey taken by the website, when craving something sweet, we here in the Garden State reach for a slice of: icebox cake.

Yes, the cake you can make straight off the back of a box of Nabisco Chocolate Wafers, icebox cake otherwise known as chocolate ripple cake is our dessert of choice. It is made with whipped cream, fruits, nuts with wafers and set in the refrigerator.

The number one dessert in five states -ice cream- is popular in California, Illinois, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and non-state Washington, D.C.

Jello has fans as well in Idaho, Minnesota, New Hampshire, and South Carolina.

Texas loves pecan pie–not Texas sheet cake, which was tops in ndiana, Iowa, Kansas. Pecan Pie makes residents in Arkansas and Oklahoma.

Brownies found love in South Dakota, while New Yorkers love black and white cookies. Rhode Islanders prefer donuts and Michigan is all about carrot cake.

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