The Eagles, Queen, The Beatles, Fleetwood Mac, KISS Top Earners in 2020

It wasn’t all financial ruin for your favorite classic rock artists in 2020. As a matter of fact, many made out just fine despite not being able to tour, according to Billboard.

So who earned the most in the rock realm? That would be The Eagles, who were able to put in 10 shows before lockdown, earning $11 million. In total, the group earned $16.3 million thanks to radio, sales and streaming.

Queen ranked seventh in the United States and number one globally, pocketing a cool  $13.2 million, thanks to royalties from record sales, audio streams, publishing and massive streaming numbers.

Right behind Queen is The Beatles in eighth with $12.9 million thanks to physical vinyl sales of their albums and 1.8 billion streams, which Billboard says is rare for a rock band.

 AC/DC powered up at #13 with $10.1 million, thanks to sales of its 2020 album Power Up, its back catalog and nearly 1.5 billion stream

Although ranking at a low number–29--Fleetwood Mac got a huge boost from that Tik Tok video featuring “Dreams,” earning $6.6 million.

Others included:

18. Metallica, $9 million
20. Pink Floyd, $8.8 million
29. Fleetwood Mac, $6.6 million (thanks to that viral “Dreams” TikTok video)
33. KISS, $6 million
34. Rolling Stones, $5.96 million
39. Billy Joel, $5.49 million
40. Aerosmith, $5.35 million

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