Stevie Nicks Sent Support to ‘Daisy Jones & the Six’ Star Before Golden Globes Ceremony

 Daisy Jones & the Six-the Prime video series based on the real-life drama of Fleetwood Mac– may have come out empty handed after the Golden Globes, but star Sam Claflin did get something cool from Stevie Nicks.

“Stevie Nicks reached out personally, which to me is [like] I’ve won already. I don’t care about winning tonight. I feel like that recognition, to me, means the world,” Claflin told E News!

So what did Nicks send?

“She sent me a bunch of flowers. I arrived to L.A. with this note. That to me is everything. So I feel very smug right now, very, very blessed,” he said.

Last August, Stevie took to Instagram to declare her love for the series, writing, “It brought back memories that made me feel like a ghost watching my own story. It was very emotional for me.”

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