Stevie Nicks Says No to Tik Tok Skateboarder’s Dream of a NFT

Tik Tok sensation Nathan Apodaca,  the Idaho skateboarder that became a pandemic superstar lip syncing to Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams” while guzzling Ocean Spray on a breezy skateboarding adventure, had a dream he wanted to sell.

Apodaco planned on capitalizing on his fame with the release of his Tik Tok video as a NFT, or non-fungible token.  That’s a new kind of digital collectible for which people are willing to pay a small fortune, kind of like collecting Beanie Babies, for example.

That dream was killed when Fleetwood Mac’s Stevie Nicks wouldn’t give Apodaco the rights to use “Dreams” as part of the NFT, even after being offered Stevie 50% of the profits.

According to TMZ, Nathan is going to sell the NFT anyway, without the music.  It’ll go up for bid on March 27 with the opening price set at $500,000 in cryptocurrency, not actual dollars.

Nicks originally participated in the Tik Tok fun, releasing her own video lacing up roller skates. There may be legal reasons involved in why she didn’t turn Nathan’s dream into a reality.

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