Stevie Nicks Releases Buffalo Springfield Cover

Stevie Nicks treated the audience at Sea. Hear. Now. to her new single, a cover of Buffalo Springfield’s “For What It’s Worth (Stop Hey, What’s That Sound?),” last Saturday. Today, she released the song on all streaming platforms.

Nicks told the crowd that she recorded the song last May. In a recent interview with Apple Music 1’s Zane Lowe, she always wanted to record the song, written by Stephen Stills, from the first time she heard it. This past spring, the song “just came into my head,” she said.

Nicks told Lowe she had “no idea” that Stephen originally wrote the track about the Sunset Strip curfew riots in LA in the ’60s, but feels that this is “the right time” to re-introduce the song for today’s times.

“He managed, in that song, to touch on everything so subtly,” she explains. “You could have said, ‘Okay, is that song about gun violence? Is that song about women’s rights? Is it about immigration?’…you could take it all in, to be about anything that you personally wanted it to be about.”

Listen below:

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