Rod Stewart Reaches out to Struggling Family with $3200 Donation

Sir Rod Stewart has a heart of gold, and was so moved by a family in crisis he came to the rescue with a personal donation.

10-year-old Sophia McKenzie from Scotland shared her family’s living situation for a school project, writing, “I have a dream that one day we will live in a world where the cost of living crisis stops and everything is free and nobody struggles with not being able to eat.” Her note was eventually published in The Daily Record.

Sophia’s single mom, Heather, told the paper, “Sophia sees how much it upsets me when I can’t get them everything they want and she’s seen me go without food so they have enough to eat.”

Their story came to attention of Stewart, who said, “”It broke my heart. I simply had to find a way to help.” He gifted the family 2500 pounds, which is about $3,200 dollars.

“I told [Sophia] what Mr. Stewart did and it has completely thrown her,” Heather told the paper. “We obviously never expected anything like this to happen…it is going to be amazing to see her not have to worry anymore.”

She added, “This is a life-changing amount of money and it means so much to all of us. Mr. Stewart is just an incredible person. I cannot thank him enough. I am so grateful from the bottom of my heart.”

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