Ringo Starr to Celebrate Birthday with “Peace and Love”

Beatles icon Ringo Starr plans to spend his 83rd birthday spreading his yearly message of “Peace and Love,” he announced in a video shared on social media.

As usual, Ringo is asking fans to share pictures flashing the peace sign with the hashtag, #peaceandlove.

“As many of you know, since 2008, every year I use my birthday, July the 7th, to spread peace and love,” he shares in a new video featuring footage from past birthdays. The first time Ringo did this was in Chicago with just 80 fans.

“It’s grown so much with a celebration in countries all over the world.” he continued.

“You have all helped create a wave of peace and love that goes over a whole planet. It’s a simple thing to do,” Ringo says. “So I’m giving you this reminder to join me if you want to at noon your local time on July the 7th to post, say or even just think peace and love.”

He adds, “That would be great. A great birthday gift for me and for the world. It helps the planet…and the new planets we’re going to.”

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