Queen Song Cut from ‘Greatest Hits’ on Audio Platform

A new release of Queen’s Greatest Hits compilation has cut some musical calories.

The band’s song, “Fat Bottomed Girls,” was axed from a release on the kids audio platform, Yoto.

“The lyrics in some of these songs contain adult themes, including occasional references to violence and drugs.” A label reads “parental discretion is advised” when playing the original and unedited songs around younger children.

“The partnership between UMG and Yoto is the first time any major frontline music will be available on the Yoto service,” Sarah Boorman, head of youth strategies for UMG told The Telegrath.

“At UMG, we believe that children should have access to a rich and varied musical offering so that they may foster a life-long love of music of all types. We are excited to launch with Queen’s iconic Greatest Hits 1 album as our first release, with many more historic releases set to follow in the coming months.”

“Fat Bottomed Girls” was a double-a side with “Bicycle Race.” The song was released in 1978.

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