Queen Box Set ‘The Miracle’ Arrives Friday

Just in time for the holidays, Queen is releasing the new box set The Miracle Super Deluxe Collector’s Edition.

Arriving tomorrow (Nov. 18), the set includes the previously unreleased track “Face It Alone” and “Too Much Love Will Kill You.” In addition, fans get to be a fly on the way with special audio from the band’s 1988 studio sessions for the album.

“Listening to our dialogues on ‘The Miracle,’ it feels as if I am in the middle of our sessions – finding joy, finding frustration,” Queen guitarist Brian May tells Variety. “That was the intention: to invite people into our studio environment at that point in time.”

May also revealed there is more to come.

“It’s possible. We don’t really know until we go back in there,” he explains. “I wouldn’t have predicted that we would have had as much unreleased material around “The Miracle,” as it turned out. I’m guessing we’ll find many more hidden treasures, yeah.”

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