New Jersey Ranks as Most Expensive State for Dog Ownership

Owning a dog in New Jersey can come with a hefty price tag, according to a study by Market Watch.

New Jersey ranks fourth in the United States, as Garden State dog owners spend approximately $32,947 over the lifetime of their fur babies, which on average is 11 years. The most popular U.S. dog breed, according to statistics, is the Labrador Retriever.

While that’s quite a bill–the study mines data from the American Kennel Club factoring in costs for pet insurance, food, and vet care into the costs-New Jersey isn’t the most expensive state for dog ownership. That honor belongs to California, where pet owners spend $35,452 over a lifetime. New York ranks second with $34,248 and Massachusetts is a close third with $33,318.

The least expensive states for dog owners include first place Oklahoma with $24,588 and Mississippi with $25,104.

Other cost factored into the study included grooming, checkups, toys, boarding and emergency vet visits, and upfront costs such as neuter procedures and vaccines.

These were the most expensive states for dog owners

  1. California: $35,452
  2. New York: $34,248
  3. Massachusetts: $33,318
  4. New Jersey: $32,947
  5. Washington: $32,894

These are the least expensive state for dog owners

  1. Oklahoma: $24,855
  2. Mississippi: $25,104
  3. Indiana: $25,479
  4. Nebraska: $25,662
  5. Louisiana: $25,760

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