New Jersey City Just Made the Top Ten on This List

The Garden State may not be so lush after all, as two of our cities just ranked in the top five of a most prestigious list, according to

That list? The Top Ten Dirtiest Cities in the United States. Out of 150 cities in the United States, Newark and Jersey City stood out as positively filthy. Newark ranked second, and Jersey City finished in fifth.

Jersey City’s poor ranking comes from having the fewest greenhouse gas emissions from large facilities per capita.

Topping the list with a problem is Houston, Texas, as America’s Dirtiest City and the third most polluted. In fact, a recent study found that the city’s petrochemical facilities severely violate EPA safety guidelines. Just missing the list at Number 12 is New York City, with Los Angeles, California finishing 15th. Philadelphia ranked 26th.

As for the cleanest city? That would be Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Cites were ranked by: Pollution, Living Conditions, Infrastructure, and Consumer Satisfaction.

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