Mick Jagger Says The Rolling Stones Could Tour Forever, Thanks to Technology

How long do the Rolling Stones plan on touring?

In a new interview, Mick Jagger said it may never be the last time fans see him in action for decades to come–at least in hologram form.

“You can have a posthumous business now, can’t you? You can have a posthumous tour,” he tells WSJ. Magazine in their October issue.

Asked if he or Keith Richards were tempted to cash in on the Rolling Stones catalog and sell to the highest bidder, Jagger laughed.

“The children don’t need $500 million to live well. Come on,” he said.

In other news, The Rolling Stones and Major League Baseball are teaming up to release limited edition vinyl of Hackney Diamonds, with designs unique to each of the MLB’s 30 clubs. The limited collectors’ items will feature custom art for each of the teams, in pocket jackets housing single disc baseball white vinyl. They are now available for pre-order.

The Rolling Stones new album, Hackney Diamonds, is set for release Oct. 20.

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