KISS Guitarist Tommy Thayer Talks Life as an Avatar

It will be three years before KISS unveils their Avatars, and in case fans are wondering what that will look like, guitarist Tommy Thayer is offering a few details.

“It’s been interesting doing the avatars so far; it’ll take some time to get the imagery where we want it to be,” he says in a new interview with Guitar World. “I haven’t really thought about what it all means in the big picture, but with technology evolving as quickly as it is, there’s no doubt that this is the direction a lot of entertainment is going.” 

As for life beyond KISS, Thayer has a few options.

“I’m not completely ready to retire yet; I have ideas and certainly options on the table,” he says. “I’m not thinking of continuing to play in another band or that sort of thing – that doesn’t appeal to me. But I look forward to an exciting future, working hard and being a part of good things going forward.”

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