Jon Bon Jovi Pulls April Fools Day Prank Announcing Tequila Brand

Jon Bon Jovi and his son, Jesse, fooled fans teasing the launch of a new brand of tequila this summer, complete with a video on Instagram.

The father and son team–who already helm a successful business with their Hampton Water Wine line–told folllowers they were introducing “Bad Medicine Tequila,” due in summer 2021.

In a cute post, with the hashtag #shakeitup–the two mentioned other celebrities like Sammy Hagar and “Saint George Clooney” who already launched their own lines.

“We wanted in,” said Jesse as he revealed the bottle.

Since the video was shared on March 31, fans took it seriously, until the April 1 reveal, saying they decided to “stick to what we know.”

Watch the two get one over on us:

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