John Mellencamp Reacts to Rude Fan and Walks off the Stage in Ohio

Don’t tangle with John Mellencamp.

Mellencamp walked off the stage at a show in Toledo, Ohio after a fan continued to berate him from the audience who wanted him to stop talking and “play some music.”

“What do you think I’ve been doing, you c*********?” He adds, “Here’s the thing, man. You don’t know me. You don’t f***** know me.” He then addressed someone in his crew named Joe, telling him to ” find this guy and let me see him after the show.”

After he was once again interrupted with a request to play “The Authority Song,” Mellencamp took on the tone of an angry school teacher, suggesting the rude man “go back to kindergarten.”

“Guys, I can stop this show right now and just go home,” he said.

After the audience began to protest, Mellencamp continued, “Tell you what I’m gonna do. Since you’ve been so wonderful, I’m gonna cut about 10 songs out of the show.” He then begins performing “Jack & Diane” before stopping to inform the audience, “Y’know what? Show’s over.” 

According to The Toledo Blade, Mellencamp did return to the stage to perform “Rain On the Scarecrow,”“Lonely Ol’Night ”and “Pink Houses.”

The paper notes, “Overall, John Mellencamp’s return to Toledo was a mostly joyous experience, despite the presence of a few rude Toledoans who need to learn proper etiquette about behaving in public.”

Mellencamp will join Willie Nelson on the Outlaw Music Festival on select dates.

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