Jimmy Page Celebrates 51 Years of Led Zeppelin II

Led Zeppelin’s legendary album, “Led Zeppelin II,” is officially 51 years old, and Jimmy Page took to Instagram to share a few thoughts about how it came to be.

 “It began with rehearsals at my home in Pangbourne and ‘Whole Lotta Love’ and ‘What Is And What Should Never Be’ were later recorded at London’s Olympic Studio Number 1 with George Chkiantz, who engineered the basic tracks and some guitar overdubs. This provided the foundation for the rest of the tracks to be recorded and overdubbed at various studios in America during our forthcoming tour,” wrote the Rock and the Roll Hall of Famer.

He continued: “We recorded and overdubbed our way from West Coast to East Coast with tour-fuelled energy. ⁣I did the final mixes with Eddie Kramer at A&R studios in New York. The hedonistic mix of ‘Whole Lotta Love’ was to pioneer the radio success of the album.”

The album cover  for Led Zeppelin II –released in 1969–was from a poster by David Juniper, who was simply told by the band to come up with an idea that was “interesting.”

Top 20 Led Zeppelin songs via Nielsen Music tally of digital streaming services:

1. “Stairway To Heaven” ($2,903,223.42)
2. “Kashmir” ($1,421,130.32)
3. “Immigrant Song” ($1,306,140.94)
4. “Black Dog” ($1,167,232.19)
5. “Whole Lotta Love” ($1,034,129.29)
6. “Ramble On” ($888,793.61)
7. “Over The Hills And Far Away” ($757,125.57)
8. “Goin’ To California” ($694,689.56)
9. “Rock And Roll” ($636,985.97)
10. “D’yer Mak’er” ($553,459.73)
11. “When The Levee Breaks” ($547,514.60)
12. “All My Love” ($536,716.87)
13. “Fool In The Rain” ($497,152.94)
14. “Good Times, Bad Times” ($484,799.06)
15. “Dazed And Confused” ($443,730.10)
16. “Babe, I’m Gonna Leave You” ($407,165.31)
17. “Hey, Hey What Can I Do” ($383,439.92)
18. “The Ocean” ($356,840.76)
19. “Heartbreaker” ($347,498.72)
20. “Misty Mountain Hop” ($306,642.32)

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