Instagram Adds Live Room Feature

How often are you on Instagram? If you tend to spend more time on that platform than on Facebook or Twitter, you might be interested in a new feature–Live Rooms–just launched on Monday (March 1).

Much like Zoom, Instagram Live Rooms will allow you to invite three other people to join you for conversations on your individual page. According to Mashable, “kind of like Zoom, but publicly viewable and restricted to four participants.”

Now one thing: if you have blocked certain followers from viewing your page-and if any of your three invited guests have blocked people as well-they won’t be able to join your live event.

Also, if you’re banned from Live for violating Community Guidelines you also can’t join any Live Room at all. Hosts will also be able to report and block comments as well as apply comment filters. 

What do you think of the new feature? Will you use this in addition to Zoom? Or are you burned out on virtual yet?

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