How Lazy is New Jersey?

A new survey of hard-working versus lazy cities in the United States has identified one Garden State location as less than diligent, according to Wallethub.

Out of 116 cities in the country, the website has identified Newark, New Jersey as slacking, coming in at number 113. Jersey City, New Jersey, fares better, ranking at 56.

Topping the list as “hard-working” is the nation’s capital, Washington D.C., which claims the “hardest-working city” honors, while Burlington, Vermont, could work harder, ranking dead last at 116.

 Irving, Texas comes in second place overall, and Cheyenne, Wyoming comes in third.

New York, New York ranks at 99 and Philadelphia, Pa at 84.

As for the laziest cities, besides Burlington, Vermont, the list includes Detroit, Buffalo, Newark, and Toledo rounding out the bottom five.

Metrics included how many hours residents work per week, employment rate, and number of workers with multiple jobs

Here, the top and bottom 10 cities in WalletHub’s rankings:

Hardest-Working Cities in the U.S.

Overall Rank* CityTotal Score Direct Work Factors Rank Indirect Work Factors Rank 
1Washington, DC76.9749
2Irving, TX76.39146
3Cheyenne, WY76.15727
4Virginia Beach, VA75.79811
5Anchorage, AK75.55385
6Norfolk, VA75.27914
7Dallas, TX75.21532
8San Francisco, CA74.67640
9Denver, CO73.931222
10Austin, TX73.82279
11Sioux Falls, SD73.561174
12Corpus Christi, TX73.441076
13Plano, TX72.841438
14Fort Worth, TX72.141630
15Arlington, TX72.121531
16Chesapeake, VA71.85307
17Aurora, CO71.682416
18Laredo, TX70.982362
19Garland, TX70.902521
20Nashville, TN70.521377
21Manchester, NH70.243435
22Omaha, NE70.003625
23Raleigh, NC69.922929
24Charlotte, NC69.893324
25Chandler, AZ69.742064
26Scottsdale, AZ69.701778
27Houston, TX69.242651
28Gilbert, AZ68.753150
29Tampa, FL68.551997
30Boston, MA68.45493
31Fremont, CA68.223733
32Seattle, WA68.05516
33Atlanta, GA67.863269
34Portland, ME67.724057
35Colorado Springs, CO67.435217
36Oklahoma City, OK66.9522101
37Indianapolis, IN66.914718
38St. Petersburg, FL66.7828100
39Orlando, FL66.7121107
40Jacksonville, FL66.4218109
41Lubbock, TX66.403998
42Baltimore, MD66.38712
43San Antonio, TX66.143586
44Salt Lake City, UT66.02665
45Phoenix, AZ65.904154
46Durham, NC65.804388
47Fargo, ND65.524863
48Little Rock, AR65.3238115
49Kansas City, MO65.255041
50San Jose, CA65.194255
51Miami, FL64.9127114
52Oakland, CA64.675342
53Boise, ID64.186348
54Portland, OR64.17831
55El Paso, TX64.136443
56Jersey City, NJ63.895837
57Louisville, KY63.825734
58Honolulu, HI63.7246110
59Tulsa, OK63.5745111
60Billings, MT63.486266
61Minneapolis, MN62.777713
62Des Moines, IA62.756967
63Lexington-Fayette, KY62.5254102
64Wichita, KS62.3656105
65Glendale, AZ62.347047
66Jackson, MS62.1160106
67San Diego, CA61.955980
68Columbus, OH61.946559
69Irvine, CA61.625589
70Fort Wayne, IN61.566893
71Hialeah, FL61.4444112
72Santa Ana, CA61.296187
73Lincoln, NE61.258228
74Mesa, AZ61.137261
75Long Beach, CA60.697465
76St. Louis, MO60.658136
77St. Paul, MN60.568512
78Anaheim, CA60.497375
79Reno, NV60.457590
80Los Angeles, CA60.147660
81Chula Vista, CA60.117853
82Winston-Salem, NC59.597992
83Henderson, NV59.198071
84Philadelphia, PA58.52988
85Birmingham, AL58.2967108
86North Las Vegas, NV58.148449
87Chicago, IL57.718939
88Las Vegas, NV57.288858
89Cincinnati, OH57.239720
90Bakersfield, CA56.299372
91Albuquerque, NM56.169284
92Memphis, TN55.919173
93Riverside, CA55.369468
94New Orleans, LA55.268796
95Greensboro, NC55.089694
96Sacramento, CA54.969095
97Wilmington, DE54.609581
98Pittsburgh, PA54.4110419
99New York, NY53.7010144
100Baton Rouge, LA53.4310091
101Madison, WI52.9899104
102Milwaukee, WI52.8510810
103Charleston, WV52.6186116
104Stockton, CA52.2810615
105Tucson, AZ51.9410299
106Providence, RI51.6010726
107San Bernardino, CA50.6210583
108Columbia, SC50.33103113
109Cleveland, OH50.0011023
110Fresno, CA48.8610982
111Bridgeport, CT48.311124
112Toledo, OH47.5011152
113Newark, NJ43.1911345
114Buffalo, NY39.22114103
115Detroit, MI39.0811570
116Burlington, VT34.4311656

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