Garry Tallent Claps Back at Fan on Twitter Questioning E Street Band Set Lists

E Street Band member Garry Tallent is defending Bruce Springsteen’s honor against fans complaining on Twitter about “static set lists” on the band’s current tour.

“This is a serious question. Is Bruce’s mental state in decline? Is he just unable to perform other songs?” the user wrote. “These rinse and repeat shows are such the opposite of greatness.” 

You are f****** kidding, right??” Tallent retorted.

Steve Van Zandt’s sister,  Kathi Van Zandt, shot back at the tweet as well.

““Why don’t you stay home and let some real fans take your ticket? Decline? This man and this band play for three hours—performing from an extraordinary songbook most artists only dream about.”

The band returns for stateside shows starting Aug. 9 in Chicago.

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