For Thanksgiving Dinner, New Jerseyans Prefer THIS Dish

For Thanksgiving dinner, are you expected to bring a side dish? If so, what casserole do you make?

According to a new Google Trends survey, we here in the Garden State are fans of the broccoli casserole. I don’t know about you, but I have NEVER even attempted or TRIED a broccoli casserole. Is there something I have been missing all these years? Do you make a broccoli casserole? HOW does one make a broccoli casserole?

Casseroles with greens are THE most popular casseroles in 17 states, according to a google trend search. I get the green bean casserole-that has been around forever but broccoli casseroles ranked in many states and I just don’t get that.

Pennsylvania and Maryland are fans of the “leftover casserole,” while potato casseroles are the most popular in 11 states . Corn casseroles are #1 in eight states , and six states stuff their casseroles with squash and other veggies.

In case you are wondering, Connecticut loves “breakfast casserole,” Nebraska makes “mac and cheese casserole,” and Virginia likes “French toast casserole.” North Carolina has a Southern dish that sounds appetizing-“pineapple casserole.”

Here is the map:

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