Elton John’s Atlanta Auction Brings in $8 million

The first day of  Elton John‘s Christie’s auction of the contents of his Atlanta, Georgia, home, was a big success. .

The first day of the sale, February 21, brought in $8 million, according to ArtsandCollections.com.

One art work by famed artist Banksy called Flower Thrower Triptych, went for more than $1.9 million. Another big item was the Rocket Man’s 1990 Bentley Continental, which sold for $441,000.

A pair of Elton’s signature silver leather platform boots from 1971 sold for $94,5000, while a pair of his equally signature sunglasses went for $22,680, more than 11 times the estimate.

Other items flying off the shelves included a Cartier watch that sold for more than $277,000, and a bunch of Versace silk shirts that went for more than $30,000.

The auction continues Thursday, February 22, and Friday, February 23, and there are two other sessions, February 27 and February 28.

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