Classic Eddie Van Halen Guitar with Roots in New Jersey Sells for over $3 Million

Eddie Van Halen’s “Hot for Teacher” Kramer Guitar sold for $3,932,000.00 at Sothebys this week. .

The guitar was built at Kramer Guitars, located at the Neptune NJ Green Grove Rd. factory by luthier Paul Unkert.

The iconic instrument featured a  double-cut “Strat” style body, the top routed for a single double-coil Seymour Duncan humbucker pickup, volume control, Floyd Rose bridge with whammy bar, unvarnished 22 fret maple bolt-on neck (stamped “UNK” on heel) with a Kramer sticker on headstock.

The guitar also was completed with an unvarnished body and headstock spray painted with Van Halen’s characteristic black and white abstract stripe design on a red ground, rear routed for the Floyd Rose’s three springs and stop, no pick guard or rear cover (as designed), screw holes on the back for Van Halen’s patented flip-up rest (for playing the guitar horizontally).

The guitar was gifted by to the Van Halen’s retiring drum tech Gregg Emerson around 1990. Emerson  gave the guitar to his nephew, who sold the guitar to Neal’s Music in Huntington Beach, California. Neal’s Music then sold the instrument to its current owner.

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