Bruce Springsteen to Guest on Forthcoming John Mellencamp Record

‘Aint that America!

Bruce Springsteen will make a guest appearance on John Mellencamp’s forthcoming album, the Indiana rocker let slip during a virtual Grammy event hosted by Clive Davis on Saturday night (May 15).

Astute fans noticed that Springsteen had lunch with Mellencamp recently, and speculated what he was doing in Indiana. Mellencamp confirmed during Davis’s Pre-Grammy event that Springsteen was there on business.

“Bruce is singing on the new record and is playing guitar,” Mellencamp said. “I finished the record a week ago today.”

Mellencamp–who was on hand with a guest list that included Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters, Elton John, Carlos Santana and Slash–teased his 25th studio album earlier this year with the release of the song, “I Always Lie To Strangers.” Mellencamp has plans to release the record in 2021.

“Mellencamp will soon return to the studio to finish recording his 25th album,” reads a note on his website. “Prior to the onset of the global pandemic, he has already cut 10 tracks and plans to record another 17 for the project.”

The singer-songwriter also announced plans for a new live LP and documentary, both titled The Good Samaritan Tour, which document Mellencamp’s free 2000 tour where he played on street corners and in public parks throughout the U.S. Matthew McConaughey will narrate the film.

He is also working on a jukebox musical, titled Small Town. The play is a little ditty about -yes-Jack and Diane.

“I told them, I have 600 songs published,” Mellencamp said. “Surely you can find 12-to- 15 songs that will work.”

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