Bruce Springsteen Teases News on Twitter

What exactly is Bruce Springsteen hinting at on his Twitter socials?

Today, Springsteen posted a cryptic tweet with the date, “May 24, 2022” and a video of his iconic “1-2-3-4” count-off before the E Street Band launches into “Born in the USA.” The clip is directing fans to check out for the big news.

Any guesses?

In the meantime while we wait, did you watch “American Idol” last night for the top three doing Springsteen songs–all from the SAME album- “Born in the USA”?

Leah Marlene performed “Cover Me,” which Lionel Richie said wasn’t a “familiar” enough song, HunterGirl did “Dancing in the Dark,” and winner Noah Thompson may have sealed the deal early in the night with “I’m On Fire.”

If you missed it, check out the clips below:
Leah Marlene Performs “Cover Me”
HunterGirl performs: “Dancing in the Dark”
Noah Thompson performs “I’m On Fire”

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