Bruce Springsteen Guests on ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’

Bruce Springsteen showed off his comedic chops Sunday night (March 31) on a brand new episode of “Curb Your Enthusiasm” with star, Larry David.

Last night was Springsteen’s second appearance on the show since Feb. 11, in which David was arrested for giving a woman, Auntie Rae, water while in line to vote in Georgia on a hot afternoon. David was praised as a “man of involvement” by Springsteen for violating the state’s Election Integrity Act, which makes it illegal to give free food or water to people in line to vote.

“I told myself ‘I wanna meet Larry David, this guy is a hero of mine,’” Bruce tells David at a dinner held at the home of Larry’s manager Jeff Greene (Jeff Garlin) and his wife Susie Greene (Susie Essman).

Things, of course, go wrong after a mix-up with glasses of water, giving Springsteen COVID.

The scene starts innocently with Springsteen and Greene talking about David noticing a local restaurant owner (at an establishment where he recently ate) changing the place’s designated health grade from C to A.

“He should’ve said B,” Springsteen says. “If he said B, it’s not that far from A.”

Shortly after, David dodges a phone call from an acquaintance who asked him to read a manuscript. Springsteen similarly confesses he similarly  that he, too, has blown off musician Don Henley — who passed on a demo of a band that Springsteen Bruce started listening to “and gave up after two seconds”.

“And now I’m self-conscious if I get a phone call from him or a I see him somewhere,” he says of Henley.

A rep for Springsteen-Ken (Ian Harvie)–then enters with good news that the E Street Band’s “farewell tour” (huh?) is sold out and then drops a bombshell-he used to be a she named Kendra and used to hook up with David on the floor.

“I didn’t make you out for a floor f—er,” Bruce memorably tells Larry.

Springsteen then reaches for his water glass, with David insisting the glass is his water. This very important detail comes into play later.

Springsteen leaves the dinner, right at the time a masseuse arrives in the hopes of an introduction to the singer promised by David. The encounter doesn’t go well, as Bruce brushes past her out the door.

It is then later revealed that Springsteen had to cancel the final night of his farewell tour, due to David giving him Covid. David arrives with the masseuse to try and meet Springsteen again at his Southern California residence, brushing past a throng of fans, only to discover he is now a villain amongst Spring Nuts.

“There’s a lot of people out there, yeah, because they thought I was dying from the COVID I caught from you, Mr. Three-Card Monte with the glasses,” Springsteen says. “That’s how it happened. I lost my sense of smell.”

David is thrown off the property, but not before sneaking a pic of Springsteen with the masseuse.

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