Billy Joel Residency Puts Madison Square Garden on Top

Billy Joel is continuing his residency at Madison Square Garden with even more shows announced into 2023-and the arena couldn’t be happier for a big reason.

Joel’s monthly performances are a boon to the venue’s bank account, according to recent figures. In 2022, MSG hit the high mark grossing $241.4 million and sold 1.8 million tickets, the highest of any venue this year,  according to Billboard. 

Joel was responsible for $29.6 million of that total, with 205,000 sold.

 Harry Styles also contributed to the gross with his residency of 15 shows at the venue. Styles took in $63 million and sold 277,000 tickets.

Other big sellers in 2022 included: Phish, Rage Against the Machine, Elton John and Genesis.

Joel’s next show at the Garden is set for December 20.

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