Ann Wilson Drops ‘The Hammer’ on YouTube

Ann Wilson is lowering the boom with a new song, “The Hammer.”

The song–which was co-written with Heart guitarist Craig Bartock and Seattle musician Tyler Boley, is now available for digital download, and features a cool fuzz-guitar tone that sets the ominous tone of the song.

“When the hammer comes down/ Grinding, grinding/ When the hammer comes down/ Reminding, reminding,” Ann sings. “When the hammer comes down/ Blinding, blinding/ When the hammer comes down/ Unwinding, unwinding/ It’ll whisper those words that excite your soul/ Torment your passion till you lose control.”

The song was recorded in Seattle, she shares.

“We had a great time recording this one! The whole experience was great!” says Wilson of “The Hammer.” “The band felt just as passionate as the lyrics!”

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