AC/DC Drummer Reveals How He Returned to the Band

AC/DC is set to release their new album, “Power Up,” on Nov. 13, and drummer Phil Rudd is back in the fold.

But how did that happen? In a new interview on the Let There Be Talk podcast, Rudd revealed the wounds healed at guitarist Malcom Young’s funeral in 2017.

Angus (Young) and I had a good chat at Mal’s funeral and caught up, there were all kinds of crazy s*** going on, but since then I got my s*** together and put a little band together, I went to Europe, did a little playing stuff and getting an album. I caught up with Angus at the funeral, we were sort of chatting away and somehow he just sort of asked me if I was up for an album, he started writing the next day in the studio, and so we got it all together cool, and here we go.”

Rudd had departed the band after a battle with drug and legal issues.

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