Robby & Rochelle In The Morning


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They live together. They have kids together. They play classic rock together. You get to listen to it! Catch "He Said She Said" at 7:50am, #MomConfessions at 7:20am and 9:20am, Celebrity Hotline  with A list stars and much more!

Finally Friday Fun Facts, Dumb Crook News, Oscar Award Firsts + What product are you a SNOB about?
He should have known better, Trading space for an pool, + What’s the funniest short joke you know?
Thirsty Thursday Tipsy or Toddler, Interview with Jeff Foxworthy + What word does your initials make?
“That’s Crazy!” Radio Wars + What song instantly makes you think of High School?
Real Estate Wishes, Interview with comedian Lewis Black + If you were arrested with no explanation, what would your friends and family assume you’ve done?