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Pre-Coffee Thoughts, Mystery Oldie, Interview with Austin Freeman, Kevin’s Silly song, NHL finals, + What’s the worst thing to say after sex?
Animal Stories, Joe or No, Ed Sheeran dissed New Jersey, Kevin’s Silly Song, Pat Sajak is retiring, who should take over?
Dead Guy in the Envelope, Joe went to see Ed Sheeran, Robby’s back is still killing him, Rochelle makes Man Bark, + What TV Show do you put on that…
Finally, Friday Fun Facts, Dumb Crook News, Friday Freakout, Dumb Crook News, Weekend Plans + You Sex Life is the title of the last show/movie you watched…What is it?
Thirsty Thursday Tipsy or Toddler, Mystery Newbie, Robby couldn’t get a date, + What’s the dumbest thing you did as a teen?