Robby & Rochelle In The Morning


Don't miss Robby & Rochelle, all new in the morning from 6am-10am! They live together. They have kids together. They play classic rock together. You get to listen to it!

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Fun Facts, Dumb Crook News + Robby Googles…Himself…a lot…That was Trademarked? And If you could go on a double date with ANY celebrity couple, who would you choose?
Thirsty Thursday Tipsy or Toddler, Cops in the cemetery, Rochelle lost her 6th grade science fair, and she is still upset about it + Which alcohol made you say “I’ll never drink that again”?
Our neighbor brought us Fish, Things you should never google, + Tell us where you’re from using only Food!
Robby doesn’t like the new guy at church, Rochelle was scared in the Halloween store, the Food File + What is something you should NEVER do Naked?
Robby and Rochelle sleep in separate beds, Lola wants a Sexy Halloween Costume, Pumpkin Spice… Love it or Hate it? + If you had to binge watch your parents favorite show, what would you be watching?