ZZ Top Frontman Billy Gibbons to Host Virtual Listening Party

ZZ Top front man Billy Gibbon is celebrating the release of his new album, Hardware, with a virtual global listening party 3 p.m. next Tuesday (June 8).

The record is released today (June 4). Fans will have the opportunity to chat with Gibbons and other special guests.

“It’s gonna be a good time and we’re looking forward to checking out the grooves with everybody in the world, known or otherwise, who wants to join us,” Billy says of the listening event. “We’re really delighted with the way it turned out, not to mention that we managed to avoid rattlesnake bites and cactus punctures over the course of the recording process.”

California’s high desert near Joshua Tree National Park. The album features 12 songs, 11 originals co-written by Gibbons, Guns N’ Roses drummer Matt Sorum and other collaborators, as well as a cover of the 1990 Texas Tornados tune “Hey Baby, Que Paso.” Matt also co-produced Hardware with Billy.

To gain access to the event, visit hardware.tunecast.com and log in to either Spotify or Apple Music.. Sorum and guitarist Austin Hanks will also take part in the chat.

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