Woman on Dr. Phil Catfished by Nikki Sixx and Bret Michaels Impersonators

This week’s episode of Dr. Phil featured a woman named Tina who believe not one-but TWO-hot rock stars were fighting over her on social media.

In a segment that aired on Wednesday (Jan. 27), Tina claimed emphatically that she had been receiving private messages–and marriage proposals– from someone claiming to be Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx and Poison lead singer Bret Michaels.

“My relationship with Nikki Sixx is a solid, good friendship,” declared Tina, the subject of the episode. “And we have great communication between each other.”

She continued: “We speak eight to 10 times in a day, mainly through text,” Tina continued about her channel of communication with who she believes is Sixx. “He can’t talk on the phone because his management won’t allow it.”

As for her relationship with “Bret,” Tina says it’s a deep romance. Her friend, Vivian, claimed foul, saying that there is no way this is happening with Sixx or Michaels.

“Vivian [Tina’s Friend] says Tina is also being conned and catfished by an imposter posing as Bret Michaels,” Dr. Phil added. “Yes, that’s right — Tina believes that not one, but two famous rock stars are actually fighting over her. Tina claims she is not only in a committed romantic relationship with superstar Bret Michaels, they are also engaged, much to the disapproval of “Nikki.”

Tina says that Vivian doesn’t believe it because she is overweight, and that she and “Bret” formed a love connection after just three weeks of exchanges. She even claimed the Poison star proposed, and she said yes.

“I love Bret Michaels and he loves me,” Tina says smiling. “Because I am a larger woman, [Vivian] feels that I am not the typical rock star girlfriend-type.”

In the show, Dr. Phil put a stop to the madness, as did Michaels in a video message, saying he is partnering with Dr. Phil to put an end to the numerous Bret imposters trying to scam his fan–like Tina–s out of money.

Watch below:


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