Which New Jersey City Has the Rudest Drivers in the Nation?

A new survey has identified cities with the rudest drivers in America, and one New Jersey locale has topped the list.

According to the website isurify, Clifton, New Jersey drives could use a lesson in road etiquette. 35.43 per 1,000 drivers in Clifton (33% ruder than state average) were issued traffic citations for rude behavior, according to statistics.

The city with the highest rate of drivers with rude driving citations in the nation is Rancho Cordova, California; Rancho Cordova’s rude driving rate exceeds the national average by 65 percent. Somerset, Kentucky is home to the most polite drivers in the nation, with a rude driving rate that’s 93 percent lower than average. Also high on the rude scale is Citrus Heights, California , which has the highest share of drivers with at least one failure to stop violation on their record, at 76 percent greater than the national average.

Not to be outdone by the West Coast, two Southern states aren’t so courteous on the road. Drivers in Riverdale, Georgia have the highest failure to yield rate in the nation at 75 percent greater than the national average. Boca Raton, Florida has the lowest failure to yield violation rate; Boca Raton drivers are cited for failing to yield 91 percent less frequently than the average American driver.

Tailgating across the nation is also a problem. The average tailgating rate across U.S. cities is 10.01 per 10,000 drivers.

The average rate of passing where prohibited–such as double lanes– is 6.75 per 10,000 drivers.

For improper backing, hit-and-runs, and street racing, the average violation rates are 1.38 per 10,000 drivers4.65 per 10,000 drivers, and 0.60 per 10,000 drivers, respectively.

Conversely, Somerset, Kentucky, has the most polite drivers in the nation live, has the lowest rate of failure to stop violations, at 89 percent lower than the national average.

To determine the rudest cities in the nation, Insurify’s data scientists calculated the share of drivers with one or more rude violations on their driving record in 869 U.S. cities, according to the website.

The city with the highest share of drivers with these violations in each state was identified as the city with the rudest drivers for its respective state. States with insufficient municipal data were excluded from the analysis (Alaska, Hawaii, Maine, Minnesota, New Hampshire, North Dakota, and Vermont). 

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