What Is the Most Popular Ice Cream Truck Treat in New Jersey?

July is National Ice Cream Month, and a recent survey has uncovered what we New Jerseyans line up for at the ice cream truck.

And the most popular treat in the Garden State Is: The Chipwich!

According to the list, these flavors ranked the highest in the United States:

1.  Klondike Bars, nine states.

2.  Choco Tacos, eight states.

3.  Red-white-and-blue Firecracker popsicles, seven states plus D.C. 

4.  Ice cream sandwiches, five states.

5.  Lemon Ice, four states.

Fudgesicles are #1 in three states, while Drumsticks, Bomb Pops and Creamsicles rule in two.

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