What is New Jersey’s Favorite Flavor Ice Cream?

National Ice Cream Day is this Sunday (July 17), and the tasty treat is more popular than ever!

According to the Ice Cream Index – a study on consumption preferences and trends in the Americas conducted by market research Top Data — there has been a significant increase in the demand for ice cream in the country. With an increase of 29% compared to last year, the highest consumption figures in the country were reported between June and July.

According to the poll, New Jersyeans number one favorite flavor is: chocolate! Other popular flavors in the Garden state include Strawberry, Rocky Road, Cookie Dough, and Coconut.

Chocolate is the most popular flavor in 14 states, including Alabama, Hawaii and Michigan.

The second favorite flavor is Rocky Road, popular in 12 states including California, Nevada and Illinois. Neapolitan is the third favorite flavor in 7 states including Missouri and Utah.

For a full list, click HERE.

And let us know: what is your favorite ice cream flavor?

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