What Is New Jersey’s Favorite Cheap Beer?

It’s National Beer Drinkers Day! And we just had to know–what is the most popular trashy beer is in New Jersey?

Would you believe Schaefer Beer? A recent Google study researching cheap beer that snobby drinkers wouldn’t dare admit drinking discovered this stat and more, including the most popular “trashy” beer in the United States.

And the winner is: Natural Light at the top, followed by Michelob Ultra. Miller Lite, Keystone Light, and Stroh’s got two states each.  And 11 more got one state apiece:  Busch, Coors Original , Genesee, Lone Star , MGD, Narragansett, National Bohemian, Old Style , PBR , Rainer . . . and Schaefer, the official choice of The Garden State.

Here is the official list and the states that love them:

  1. Natural Light, ten states.  (Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Maine, North Carolina, South Carolina, South Dakota, Vermont, Virginia, and Utah.)

2.  Michelob Ultra, seven states.  (Alabama, Arkansas, Hawaii, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Tennessee.)

3.  Bud Light, four states.  (Alaska, Iowa, Massachusetts, and West Virginia.)

4.  Coors Light, four states.  (Arizona, California, Minnesota, and Nevada.)

5.  A tie between Budweiser, Keystone, and Yuengling with three states.  (Budweiser in North Dakota, New Hampshire, and Wyoming . . . Keystone in Colorado, Oregon, and Oklahoma . . . and Yuengling in Florida, Kansas, and Pennsylvania.)

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