Watch Video of Billy Joel’s ‘Scenes From An Italian Restaurant’ Below

Billy Joel’s epic song about Brenda and Eddie, “Scenes From An Italian Restaurant,” gets the animated treatment in a new video that premiered on Joel’s YouTube channel today (Sept. 30).

“There’s a whole catalog of music that existed before music video,” said creative director Ryan McAllister, who worked with Steve Cohen to bring the project to fruition. “That led to a discussion of, ‘Wouldn’t it be cool to make a music video for one of these classic hits that never had [one]?'”

He continues, “It’s been about a year since we started working on this. And we’re super-stoked to see it out in the world. This project was sorta like the beginning of the path back from the darkness that started with the pandemic, so it has a really special place for all of us.”

The video opens with a closeup of a menu, followed by images of (you guessed it) bottles of red and white wines.

The clip coincides with the 50th anniversary of the release of Billy’s debut album, Cold Spring Harbor next month. His five-decade career will be celebrated with Billy Joel – The Vinyl Collection, Vol.1, a nine-LP set coming out on November 5.

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