Vince Neil, Jamie Lee Curtis Start 2023 Covid Positive

Covid 19 is rearing its ugly head again, with actress Jamie Lee Curtis contracting the virus days after the Golden Globes and Mötley Crüe singer Vince Neil canceling a festival appearance in Florida.

 “I am sad to report that yesterday I was diagnosed with Covid.” Neil wrote to the RockIsland Festival Facebook Page. “I am okay but this thing is really kickin’ my a**. “All that being said, I am unable to perform at RokIsland Fest next week. I would like to extend my sincerest apologies to the RokIsland Fest organizers and most of all my friends and fans. I am disappointed to say the least. I was so looking forward to this.”

In a separate statement, Curtis posted pics of three Covid positive tests to her social media pages.

“F*** COVID!” the actress posted. “Sadly, this head cheerleader is not going to be at all the weekend festivities cheering on her friends and colleagues. Life on life’s terms. I’m glad that there are all these home tests available so that I didn’t go to the @americanfilminstitute lunch and spread my germs. I was SO looking forward to going to the @bafta tea and the @criticschoice awards as a nominee and member of a motley crew!”

Curtis is currently starring in Everything Everywhere All at Once.

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