Top 12 Financial Resolutions You Should Make for 2023

Are you making a New Years Resolution this year?

A recent survey by discovered that only one in 3 Americans are planning to make finance-related. Only 31% of people making a resolution are thinking about financial decisions focused on actually saving money. Half of Americans do not have a rainy-day fund, according to the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, so making a resolution to save money should top your resolutions, the website advises.

To help with this, Wallethub took the initiative and made some resolutions for you.

Take a look:

12 Financial Resolutions for 2023

  1. Save more money
  2. Repay 20% of your credit card debt
  3. Improve your WalletScore
  4. Fight back against inflation
  5. Make a realistic budget & stick to it
  6. Pay bills right after getting your paycheck
  7. Use different credit cards for everyday purchases & debt
  8. Get an A in Financial Literacy
  9. Sign up for credit monitoring
  10. Make sure you have enough insurance for a catastrophe
  11. Focus on physical health, given its strong connection to financial health
  12. Look for a better job

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