To Sirs With Love: Elton John Details Beef With Rod Stewart

It’s so funny how Elton John and Rod Stewart don’t talk anymore. Why is that?

Elton tells all in his new autobiography, Me, which just came out Tuesday, and he says it was “inevitable.”

The battle began when Stewart went on Watch What Happens Live in 2018 and took a swipe at Elton’s Goodbye Yellow Brick Road tour, calling it “dishonest” and not very rock and roll of him to stage what Rod saw as a money grab for ticket sales.

“I certainly didn’t feel like I needed a lecture on the feral spirit of rock and roll from someone who’d spent most of the last decade crooning his way through the Great American Songbook and ‘Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.’”

Elton continues, “What’s more, I thought he had a f***ing [nerve], complaining about me promoting a tour while he was sat on a TV show promoting his own tour.”

While Rod expressed regret over the remarks, Elton’s repeated attempts at offering an olive branch were rejected as Rod’s manager said his client was on “vocal rest.”

Elton’s book is available now.

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